Power system analysis and related services are our core business.

All relevant information from the power market is used as input to a wide range of analytical models providing our customers with data for making optimal decisions.

All market information and analyses are available on the Internet. The web-based platform, SYSPOWER, reflects state of the art technology, and meets all customer groups’ requirements for relevant data and analysis. The SYSPOWER system has been under development during the last 10 years and now provides a full range of services for the players in power market.

Analyses and market comments are updated several times a day, before the organized markets are opened in the morning and until late afternoon. The analyses are based on fundamental conditions, highlighting short-term consequences as well as long-term consequences. Meteorological and hydrological data, thermal prices and power system status are input examples. The time span is from the next hours up to several years ahead.

The system consists of the main package SYSPOWER Base and additional modules, which can be purchased separately.

For more information on SYSPOWER and the modules, please, follow the links in the "See Also" menu.