Besides having a leading position in the power and elcertificate market analysis the company offers a broad range of services to both internal and external customers. Those consulting services are based on the competency and models from daily analytical activities. Offering those services allows the company to increase our own knowledge base as well as provide valuable contribution to the customers.

Our typical customers range from the power generators to the governments and public intuitions covering different areas of the energy business. The examples of some recent projects can be found bellow:

•    Scenarios run for mid-term power market outlook
•    Power market scenarios up to 2035 based on the customer assumptions
•    Long-term forecast of the elcertificate prices and review of fundamentals of the market
•    Assistance in the arbitrage case regarding Nordic power and Elcertificate prices
•    Analysis of Russian power market and extension of transmission capacity
•    Prospects and impact of the new nuclear power station in Finland
•    Review and forecasts for the Baltic power market
•    Effect of increasing wind power production on the Nordic and Finnish power price profile
•    Framework and policy for wind development in the Nordic and Baltic region
•    Expert opinion in the arbitrage case involving price analysis
•    Modeling of the Russian power market
•    Investment in a wind park in Kazakhstan
•    Establishment of the production planning system
•    Analysis of the impact of the new power station in the Baltic region

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