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Viktor Balyberdin СЕО
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    Report on Transmission Service Conditions


    Report on Transmission Service Conditions for 400 kV CrossBorder Connections between Finland and Russia which has been carried by SKM Market Predictor for the Finnish energy regulator Energiavirasto is available by the following link.

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    Practical seminar on market strategies on Dec. 14-15 in Moscow


    SKM Market Predictor is inviting market participants of the Russian market to the practical seminar covering strategies for participating in the Russian wholesale market and fundamental price forecasts.

    For additional information, please follow the link.

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    Conferences in Russia this autumn


    SKM Market Predictor participates in two major conferences in Russia. The CEO, Viktor Balyberdin, is giving presentation on the long-term development of day-ahead and capacity power markets at the conference organized by the Council of Russian Power Generators. He will also be covering the topics of demand for gas in the power sector at the conference organized by the Russian Gas Society.

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    Conference in the Baltics


    CEO of the company Viktor Balyberdin will be speaking at the annual Baltic Energy Summit in Vilnius this year covering the prospects of the long-term development in the Baltic power market.

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    Conferences in April 2016 in Moscow


    SKM Market Predictor has recently participated in 2 conferences. The first one "Electric Power Development Strategy Formation" took place on March 21, 2016, the other one "Russian Energy" - on March 30, 2016. CEO Victor Balyberdin held the presentation "Perspectives of the common energy market of the Eurasian Economic Union".

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    Conference on April 20-21, 2016 in Oslo


    Viktor Balyberdin, CEO of SKM Market Predictor, is giving presentation „Green Certificates Market” at the Nordic price drives conference on April 20 - 21 in Oslo. The conference also addresses the most important factors affecting the electricity prices, both in short-and long-term perspectives.

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    Conferences in Vilnuis and Moscow in November 2015


    Viktor Balyberdin, CEO of SKM Market Predictor, will speak at two conferences - focusing on long-term development of power prices and balances in the Baltic region at the 7th Baltic Energy Summit 2015 on November 25-26 in Vilnius, and covering price forecasts for the Russian power market at the XI Annual Conference - Risk Management in power sector on November 20 in Moscow.

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    Conferences in Baku and London

    SKM FOURM 2015

    SKM Market Predictor will participate in 2 forums. The CEO, Viktor Balyberdin, is giving presentation on use of long-term forecasts in investment decisions at Integrated Resources Planning for Utilities Forum on the 19-20th of October in London, and covering the territorial planning issues for Eurasian Economic Union power market during New Russia, New Power conference on the 23-24th of September in Baku.

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    SKM Forum 2015 in Sochi

    SKM FOURM 2015

    SKM Market Predictor is organizing the Forum for the Russian partners and clients. The Forum will take place on October 10-11, 2015 in Sochi, Russian Federation. The major topic of the Forum is “Analysis, Modelling and Prognosis on the Russian Power Market Using Open Source Data”. More information is available in Russian.

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    Montel conferences in Oslo and Helsinki


    SKM Market Predictor will participate in the conference organized by Montel in Oslo on the 22-23th of April. The CEO of the company Viktor Balyberdin is giving the presentation on the future development of nuclear in the Nordic and Baltic region. Senior Research Analyst Igor Pipkin is giving the presentation on the development of the Russian power market on the 11th of June in Helsinki.