Nordic Risk Assessment Report

SKM Market Predictor AS has been one of the leading suppliers of Nordic power and certificate market analysis as long as the market has existed. We have combined our profound sector knowledge of the power and renewable markets to better understand and evaluate the risks and opportunities in renewable energy projects and are proud to launch a new product, Nordic Risk Assessment Report.

The study elaborates the main market risks in the Nordic power market and how the risk landscape is changing in the future. Besides the analysis of the risks in the Nordic power market, the study also includes a tailor-made part taking a deeper look on the market risks in the price areas chosen by the customer. The tailor-made part includes profitability and risks evaluation of the RES projects located in those areas.

The Nordic Risk Assessment Report package includes a comprehensive background report focusing on the market risks and risk mitigation options. A tailor-made part provides detailed analysis of the future development of power balances and prices as well as captured wind prices for the chosen price area. The aim of the Nordic Risk Assessment Report is to assist market players in understanding and evaluation of the market risks of specific renewable energy projects and possible hedging possibilities. .

Key Application:

  • Evaluation of the current and future price risks in the Nordic power market
  • Assessment of the hedging possibilities with focus on volatility and liquidity in the financial market
  • An overview of the PPA market structure, principles, price level and risks
  • Detailed overview of the fundamental situation in customer choosen price areas
  • Project profitability evaluation implying stochasticity of renewables
  • Benchmark for customer investment models
Risk Assessment Report and Detailed Price Area Report covers:
  • Analysis of the major risks in the Nordic power market
  • Historical assessment of the major risks for all price areas
  • Evaluation of the future system price risks, area price risks and captured prices
  • Overview of PPA market structure and principles
  • Evaluation of the volatility and liquidity development in in the market
  • Overview and forecasts of the area balance, grid constrains and captured price for wind power production
  • Risks evaluation of the future income vs. LCOE costs

Risk Assessment Report and Detailed Price Area Report includes:
    • Comprehensive report covering major risks in the market
    • Capture rate for each of the Nordic price areas
    • For each price area chosen by the customer:
      • Detailed report with overview of the fundamental situation
      • Captured prices based on estimated capture rate and price profile
      • Distribution of the future income and risks for the project delivered electronically in Excel-sheets
    • Presentation of the analysis and main conclusions

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