About us

SKM Market Predictor is a professional provider of energy analyses and corresponding services for the energy markets.  We consider independence and market neutrality to be the most essential qualities for a credible and reliable energy market advisor. Company’s main focus is to provide the broadest geographical coverage of the power market in Eurasia combined with the state of the art solution and personnel resources.

Our objective is to provide all relevant information our customers need to make the best possible decisions regarding energy trading, production planning, portfolio management, and system operation. Within these sectors you will also find our typical customers. 

SKM Market Predictor has years of experience with price forecasting for the Nordic and European power markets. The staff has unique experience in liberalized power markets, power trading, development, and use of analytical models. This kind of experience and knowledge form the basis for our products and services. As a customer, you will have direct access to the analyst team; you can benchmark your own analyses, seek advice or just contact us for a professional discussion.

SKM Market Predictor headquarter is located in Trondheim, Norway, with subsidiaries in Oslo and Helsinki. The combination of local presence in several locations with Trondheim being the main technology and science center in Norway, contributes to keeping us at the front of new technology and maintaining our leading position in the market.

Company history

SKM Market Predictor was established in March 2000 as a subsidiary of the SKM Group and taken over by the management in April 2003. The SKM Group has been present in the market since 1992 following the liberalization of the power market in Norway. The SKM Group became the dominant Nordic market place for power trading and a leading consultant and advisor within energy matters. The company was an internationally recognized center of expertise in liberalized power markets. 

During the last few years SKM Market Predictor has expanded rapidly proving broader range of services and expanded market coverage.