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    Webinar on the Russian analysis system


    SKM Market Predictor together with the Educational Centre for Russian Power Exchange has organized a free webinar for the players of the Russian market focusing on analysing and forecasting of the Russian power market and SKM decision making system Exergy. More than 100 participants have attended the webinar. An offline version of the webinar is available in Russian.

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    SKM Market Predictor is participating in the Montel conferences on the 4th of June in Stockholm and on the 12th of June in Helsinki with the presentation on the Russian power markets.

    We look forward to meeting our existing and potential customers.

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    SKM Forum in Minsk


    SKM Market Predictor is organizing the Forum for the Russian partners and clients. The Forum will take place on May 24-25, 2014 in Minsk, Belarus.

    The major topic of the Forum is “Power markets forecasts”. More information is available in Russian.

  • Reports
    New product structure

    SKM Market Predictor is releasing this year’s edition of the “Long-Term Elcert Outlook”.

    The report is focusing on analysing and predicting possible decision for the reviews carried currently by Norway and Sweden that will be released during February and provide the basis for the amendment of the market at the next Control Station.

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    The company’s Facebook Page


    SKM Market Predictor has established a closed Facebook group for our clients and cooperation partners. The page will serve as a channel to publish information about company’s events and presentations.

    The group is available to all the customers of the company by request on this link or by requesting access via e-mail: .

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    Russian System Exergy


    Our website is now available in Russian.

    The Russian version presents the information about Exergy – the complete analysis and decision making system for the Russian power market.

    You will find the overview of the system as well as the detailed descriptions of its modules.

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    Meet us in Moscow in October


    In October SKM Market Predictor is participating in 2 conferences in Russia organized by the leading Russian power magazine Energomarket and the biggest community of Russian power traders The CEO of the company Viktor Balyberdin is giving a presentation focusing on the future uncertainty in the Russian power market and scenarios for price and balance development.

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    SKM Market Predictor is expanding and opening its office in Moscow.

    SKM Market Predictor, a leading unbiased provider of power analysis and advisory services, has established its office in Moscow to provide Russian customers with a full value analysis of the power market.

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    new jobs by SKM

    Meet us at Finnish Energy Days in Helsinki on June 13, 2013.

    SKM Market Predictor will be participating in the Finnish Energy Days conference organized by Montel on the 13th of June. The CEO of the company Viktor Balyberdin is giving a presentation during the conference focusing on our views for the development of the Russian power market.

  • Reports
    New product structure

    SKM Market Predictor is releasing a new analysis product “Long-Term Power Outlook 2013 Edition”. The report will be available from 3rd of June, 2013. All materials are delivered electronically.

    The report elaborates all the changes in the market and provides insights into the Nordic and Baltic long-term development.