New product structure

SKM Market Predictor added extensive new functionality to SYSPOWER analysis service. We also made some changes to structure the service better. All significant new functionality will be now released as additional products.

New modular pricing structure has been put into service: additional products are priced separately and a complete package (Syspower Base) is still available at a fixed price.

Brief description of SYSPOWER additional products:

Elcertificate module is integrated in Syspower, but is also offered as a stand-alone module for non-  Syspower customers. The module includes price and balance information, fundamental price forecasts and relevant market data as well as weekly and monthly reports.

UMM Power Plant
The UMM module is a part of Syspower Base. The UMM power plant product provides time dependent operational status on the power plant level for a number of predefined power plants. This is about 20-30 of main power plants, purely thermal plants.

Syspower SMS / Syspower mobile
The SMS module is a part of Syspower Base. This product is now subject to charges. Syspower mobile which is offering access to the market outside the office remains free of charge.

Supply and Demand Stack
This new module is based on a detailed model of the Nordic generation and transmission system, the UMM module and is used for simplified sensitivity analyses of the long-term results from and input to the EMPS model.

Short-Term Scenario Analysis
Short-term price scenarios are available as two different products:

Automatically generated price scenarios published at approx. 8:30 in the morning. The main purpose of these scenarios is input to the production planning process. The scenarios are generated by a large number of runs.  

Custom-made scenarios provide regular analyses for a period or individual analyses. Workshops are available.

Baltic Analysis
Baltic analysis is a new product that offers forecasts and statistics for the main price drivers in the Baltic region as well as weather service and spot price forecasts. Both short- and long-term analyses are supported.

Russian Prices
Russian spot market prices and turnover have been available in Syspower for North West Russia for a while. The new module will provide both short- and long-term price forecasts for the North-West Russia as well as extended fundamental information for this zone.

Customised Reports
Syspower provides functionality like desktops and web query to extract data from the data base. Together with Excel templates this is the methodology SKM Market Predictor is using to produce all analytical reports. SKM Market Predictor provides consulting support to tailor-made reports according to specifications.