Long-Term Scenarios

Providing a wide range of
opportunities and consequences

The EMPS model has been in use for decades in the Nordic electricity market, for both operational planning and the utility value analysis in a number of investment projects. The model has proven to be very helpful and useful by a wide range of studies. In addition, all scenario analyses that apply EMPS model, offer essential decision making support to customers.

SKM Market Predictor uses the EMPS model in its regular analysis service. We accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the long-term analysis and developed a powerful system for operating the model. SKM Market Predictor provides its power system model coverage to the Nordic, European, Baltic, and Russian markets. The EMPS model along with the entire analysis system forms the basis for the long-term special analyses service.

In addition to the regular SYSPOWER analyses, we now offer the following range of long-term special analyses:

  • Customer-specific analyses on demand, both regular and scenario analyses
  • Long-term price profile for local analyses, risk analyses, etc.
  • Analytical results from all inflow years. We are currently using 57 inflow years for the period 1958-2015
  • Investment analyses
Long-term special analyses offer
    • Consequences of various macro- economic developments as well as operational scenarios
    • Overview of future price uncertainties
    • Price forecasts as general terms for risk analyses, portfolio management, and local long-term/seasonal analyses
    • Investments analyses:
      • Strategic investment opportunities in the power system
      • Case studies of specific investment
      • Analyses of reinvestments
    • Asset valuation
    • Regular customer-specific analyses
Example: Power system model

The long-term special analysis is offered as an on demand service and the cost is task-dependent .

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