Production simulation
for clients

SKM Market Predictor (SKM) offers a production simulation tool by VanSimTap for single watercourses or groups of watercourses. We have highly experienced professionals in production planning and running VanSimTap for hedging, risk- and budget-control purposes. By using SKM services clients have access to our experience, modeling and reporting tools

The modeling structure for VanSimTap services can be either established by SKM or we can apply existing models implemented by the customers.
We also offer the following services in connection with establishing a new model structure:
  • Establishing inflow series
  • Structuring or revising PQ-curves
  • Analyzing and advising on hedging strategies
  • Other services on demand
Today SKM runs EMPS model (Samkjøringsmodellen) weekly and delivers price scenarios for VanSimTap. We can provide additional scenarios to customers, including:
  • Scenarios for thermal prices
  • Market adjusted price scenarios for VansimTap based on agreed methodology.

Revision planning is an inherent part of VanSim Tap services focusing on the optimal revision time for the power plant. SKM offers this as an integrated part of the service

Input and output data are submitted as simple text files or fully integrated client specific files. SKM offers the following options:
  • Extraction of data from VanSimTap after specification
  • Data series adapted for import to Excel
  • Data series adapted for import to other computer programs via Excel or other standardized file
  • Alternative option is customized file formats and calculations based on data from VanSimTap

The value of this service depends on the complexity of the watercourses and clients’ needs. The value added varies to a large extent on whether the client already has a VanSimTap model of the watercourse(s) or not. The degree of documentation and statistics available for the watercourse(s) is essential for complexity. The pricing of the VanSimTap depends on the following variables: frequencies of running the model, adjustment for snow pack and short term inflow, and chosen data exchange with SKM.

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