SYSPOWER Elcertificates

 Analyses on the common
Swedish – Norwegian market

SYSPOWER Elcertificate module is the result of a cooperation with Svensk Kraftmäkling AB. The service includes price and balance information together with fundamental price forecasts and news from the Elcertificates market.

SYSPOWER Elcertificates provides all necessary information about the elcertificate market. The service can be included in SYSPOWER for SYSPOWER customers as add on module and is also a stand-alone service for other market participants. A monthly fundamental forecast is part of the service.

SYSPOWER Elcertificates covers the short and the medium-term market with intraday prices, comments, supply and demand balance and price forecasts while the long-term market is covered in a yearly Elcertificates long-term report.

The SYSPOWER Elcertificate module offers
  • Most needed information about the common Swedish – Norwegian Elcertificate market, specifically:
    • Spot prices
    • Forward prices
    • Historical prices
    • Market comments
    • Weekly reports
    • Monthly reports
    • Information from CESAR database
    • Information from NECS database
    • Comments and news from the Elcertificate market
Monthly elcertificate balance and price outlook

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