Syspower Mobile

on the Go

SYSPOWER is a powerful system, but it has been designed for desktop usage. SYSPOWER Mobile version is available to use while away from the computer, or to quickly check a couple of details. 

SYSPOWER Mobile was launched in 2007. Recently it has received a facelift to work better on new generation phones, and it has been extended with new features and new market information such as spot prices per area and European spot prices. The updated market module provides easy access to intraday and historical price information. Data is presented in charts or on tabular forms. You can also read comments made by our analytical team throughout the day. 

With SYSPOWER Mobile you can stay constantly updated at all times regardless of your location and get the information you need to make your market decisions. In addition you can get the latest market information before external meetings, when traveling or in any other case where you are being out of the office. 

SYSPOWER Mobile also allows you to manage the SYSPOWER SMS service, i.e. subscribe and unsubscribe for messages, change your contact information or turn the service off. You can log on to SYSPOWER Mobile and SYSPOWER desktop at the same time. 

SYSPOWER Mobile offers
  • Price Overview
  • Market Overview
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Analytical Comments
  • Weather Comments
  • Last 15 Comments
  • SMS Administration

To gain access to SYSPOWER Mobile visit: 

You can log on with your SYSPOWER user name and password. SYSPOWER Mobile is a standard module in SYSPOWER and is not charged separately.

We have the solution when you are on the go - the rest is up to you.

If you have any questions about this product please contact us using contact information in the right column.