UMM Module

Providing unique overview of
important market information 

Reliable information about capacity changes and available transmission and production capacity is essential for making optimal decisions in the electricity market.   

This information, Urgent Market Messages (UMM), is published to the electricity market several times a day throughout the year. SKM Market Predictor has developed the UMM module, a system for managing those messages, that has been operating for several years in the company’s analysis platform Syspower.

The UMM module provides detailed and aggregated information on all units that have UMM messages in the Nord Pool area. All published messages are verified by experienced analysts. Data is related to the current Elspot areas; production and consumption capacities within Elspot areas and power exchange capacities between Elspot areas. Production capacity is also available at the technology level. 

UMM data is searchable and can be downloaded by predefined forms or as hoc. The UMM module is an ideal tool that offers easy and intuitive overview of comprehensive information for anyone involved in the electricity market.

The UMM module is now available as a standalone product. 

UMM module includes
  • Easy overview of all market information published as Urgent Market Messages (UMM) at Nord Pool
  • Consistency controlled information and data approved by analysts
  • Easy monitoring features of which UMMs have been consistency checked  
  • Searchable data with links to other related historic messages
  • Web Query allowing  to extract and download data
  • Available capacity for individual power plants
UMM module provides overviev

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