Supply and Demand Stack Module

Detailed supply overview
creating an edge in market insight

Market participants have to deal with a wide range of price drivers all encumbered with uncertainty. Being able to analyze the volatility caused by the drivers is essential to reduce the risk exposure. The Supply & Demand Stack (SDS) module provides this functionality using power supply and demand as function of time in an illustrative way.

The supply side ranks individual generating units within different generation technologies according to their availability and marginal production cost. Individual units are lumped in appropriate groups. The information presented gives easy understandable and valuable insight into the detailed capacity structure of the supply side. Pricing technology is set by demand and net exchange.

In addition the module provides functionality for the user to analyse future price sensitivity by altering the most critical price drivers.

The generating units in the Nordic power market are modelled with their installed capacity, technology and power efficiency as some of the attributes. The Urgent Market Messages (UMM) are used to generate time dependent available generating capacity. Demand is defined by internal consumption forecasts.

The basis for the supply side is output from our long-term scheduler, the EMPS model. The SDS module is an ideal add-on tool to the EMPS model providing user-friendly analyses of future price uncertainty.

The SDS module offers
  • Straightforward overview of detailed capacity structure of the supply and demand side of the Nordic power market
  • Knowledge and insight into the future price formation and price sensitivity
  • Resolution of supply & demand data at country- and Elspot area level
  • User-friendly alteration of the most critical price drivers
  • Module is an integrated element in SYSPOWER
Supply and Demand Stack

The Supply & Demand Stack module is priced separately as an add-on module to SYSPOWER on a monthly basis.

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