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Russian-Baltic Workshop

After several years of modelling and analysis activities in Russian and Baltic markets SKM Market Predictor has developed unique competency and models allowing us to provide quantitative fundamental analysis of the Russian and Baltic power markets which is aggregated in our new product - 
Workshop on the Russian and Baltic power markets and impact on the Nordpool

Workshop description
    • One-day workshop covering Russian and Baltic power markets
    • Main focus is impact on the Nordic power market
    • Time horizon from current week till 2045
    • Based on the SKM models and unique experience
      • • EMPS model covering Nordic, Baltic and Russian markets
      • • Scenarios based on the Long-Term Power Outlook
      • • Scenarios from short-term models for Russia/the Baltics
      • • Contribution from 7 analysts including SKM’s Moscow office
      • • Access to unique competency and first-hand experience
    • Significant contribution to understanding of the power markets in Russia/the Baltics and strong
         input for further development of own short and long-term models
    • Possibility to suit workshop to the customers' needs and requests
Workshop agenda
  • Historical and recent impact of the Eastern markets on NP
    • Analysis of flows from Russia to NP
         (spreads, fundamental situation, capacity market, cross-border fees)
    • Flows from Baltic to NP
         (spreads, fundamental situation, regulations, market)
    • Internal situation in the Baltics and exchange towards Russia
  • Russian power market
    • Fundamentals of the Russian power system with focus on NW Russia
         (current and future capacity; fuel prices; capacity market; consumption and balances)
    • Current market
    • Price settlement and behaviour
    • Price mechanism for exchange NP-RU and further development
    • Russian price development and exchange towards NP
         (daily forecast for short-term development 4 weeks ahead: weekly forecasts for medium-term
         development  5 years ahead: annual forecasts for long-term development till 2046)
    • SKM modelling in the EMPS and short-term model for Russia
  • Baltic power market
    • Internal and external fundamentals of the Baltic power system
         (current and future capacities; fuel prices; consumption and balance; price settlement and behaviour)
    • Baltic  price development and exchange towards NP (daily forecast for short-term development
         4 weeks ahead; weekly forecasts for medium-term  development 5 years ahead;
          annual forecasts forlong-term development till 2046)
    • SKM modelling in the EMPS and short-term model for the Baltics

Workshop is held in the client’s or SKM office. Comprehensive power point presentation as well as the Excel file with output of the short and long-term models used in the presentation are sent in advance. Further assistance with modelling of Russia/Baltics can be provided on request.