Russia-Baltic Workshop

A lot of changes are currently ongoing on the Eastern side on the Nordpool power market which requires understanding of the market players and posses an instresting opportunities. After many years of presence in the Baltic and Russian power market SKM Market Predictor has developed unique competency, data and modells allowing us to provide quantitative fundamental analysis of the Baltic and Russian power markets including assertion of impact on the Nordics. We have combined this knowledge into the customer-tailored Workshop to help market players to better understand the situation and opportunities in Baltics and and estimate the export flows from Russia both in short and long-term.

The workshop provides key understanding of the current and future landscape of the power systems of Baltics and Russia based on the fundamental modeling of combined model covering Nordics, Europe and Russia. The main objective of workshop is to provide detail insight into those power market and give necessary input for trading and investment decisions. As a part of Workshop customers have opportunities to elaborate analytical topics which are of key importance to them and discuss them during the Workshop.

The Baltics-Russian Workshop includes a comprehensive study presented in the customer premises and scenario output of the short and long-term model scenarios from SKM. With the Workshop we are pleased to provide our one of our core competencies which is challenging to obtain without having detailed modelling framework and knowledge and help traders, analysts and investors to have to take the right decisions.

Key application:

  • In depth understanding of the Baltic and Russian power market
  • Analysis of the short-term situation and impact on power prices and EPADs
  • Scenario analysis of medium-term and long-term development of prices and balances
  • Assertion of the risk and unceraintities in terms of trading and investment decision
  • Understanding of the possibilities regarding investment decisions in the RES in Baltics
  • Possbility to use key data input and knowledge into the customer’s model
  • Possibility to elaborate customer specific topics during the workshop
Baltics-Russia workshop covers
  • Forecasts of the prices and power balances in the Russian and Baltic market
  • Overview of the wind construction and interconnector development
  • Estimation of the flows from/to Nordic market and impact on the prices
  • Analysis of the transmission of capacity allocation rules in Baltics
  • Scenario analysis of the flows and prices on the Finnish-Russian border
  • Impact of the Russian capacity market on the Nordic/Baltic exports
  • Analysis of the short-term and medium-term development in Baltics
    • Impact of allocation of Russian import to Latvia
    • Start-up of Astrovets NPP in Belarus
    • Effect of synchronization of Baltics with Central Europe from 2025
Baltics-Russia workshop includes
  • Comprehensive workshop covering situation in the Russian-Baltic market and impact on the Nordpol flows and prices
  • Scenarios of prices and balance development up to 2060 in Excel files
  • Scenario analysis of the short-term development and impact on prices- flows
  • Presentation held at the customer premises with key analysts

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