Moscow office

SKM Market Predictor is expanding and opening its office in Moscow.

SKM Market Predictor, a leading unbiased provider of power analysis and advisory services, has established its office in Moscow to provide Russian customers with a full value analysis of the power market.

The company has employed Vitaly Skalskiy and Nikita Komylyatov as analysts to cover the Russian market. Vitaly Skalskiy and Nikita Komylyatov have experience in generation, distribution and Russian power exchange ATS.

“The reform of the Russian power market has been on-going since 2003. The market is reaching the stage where the need for a professional power analysis is becoming absolutely necessary for all the players in the market. SKM MP has been working for several years to create a model to analyse the complexity of the Russian power market and will start providing results of this work as an online solution for all the players in the market”, says Viktor Balyberdin, Managing Director of the company.

“The Russian and other Eastern European markets are getting really important for the Nordic market. The knowledge and experience in those markets will benefit our Nordic and European customers and allow SKM Market Predictor providing the broadest geographical coverage of power markets in Europe”, he added.

At the same time the company has employed Mikko Kaila in Helsinki office and Gjerd Roselund in Trondheim office as analysts.